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We have been providing services to children for 43 years in Clay County. We also serve children in Cloud, Ottawa, Republic, and Washington counties. We are licensed by the state of Kansas. Our mission is to
"create environments in which children can grow".


Senior Director: Lisa Stonehouse


What We Do

We serve children birth to five and prenatal moms.





About Us

Established: This agency was established in 1972 as a Child Care Center, in response to a need in Clay Center for young children to have a safe place to be while their parent(s) worked. We are proud of our agency, and the role we have played in helping children grow for the last 43 years!


Where We Are?



Results of Review


Annual Audit 2013-14

CACFP Review 2013-14

Review 2014-2015

Review 2015-2016


Annual Program Report 2014-15


Community Needs Assessment 2015

Strategic Plan - 2015